Lucas County, Ohio

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About the Washington Township Fire & Rescue Department

Our Members:

WTFD is a 100% Volunteer department with a current ISO Class 4 rating. Our authorized roster strength is 42 personnel. This includes the Fire Chief, 3 Assistant Chiefs, 6 Captains, 2 Dispatchers and 30 Firefighters. All Firefighters are trained to Ohio Volunteer Firefighter and EMT-B certifications. Many members have extensive additional training and certifications in firefighting, hazardous materials, rescue operations and EMS. Members are required to attend weekly training sessions to keep skills and information up to date with the latest advances in fire fighting tactics and EMS protocols. The WTFD prides itself on being a progressive department that also holds true to the greatest traditions of the fire service. Help Wanted: Washington Township Fire & Rescue is seeking dedicated men and women who are willing to serve their community as a Firefighter/EMT. No experience is necessary, we provide all training. Click here for more information

Our Location:

We are located in Lucas County, Ohio (just outside Toledo) at the Michigan / Ohio border. We protect a primarily residential area with a population of 3,500 people in both areas of Washington Township - Shoreland (including Creekside and Shoreland Heights) and Alexis Place (including Raintree Village) and the adjacent waters of the Ottawa River and Maumee Bay. We also respond on Automatic Mutual Aid to the Morin Point area of Erie Twp. Michigan for structure fires and other types of calls. We operate out of 1 station with 2 Class A engines, a combination Heavy Rescue Squad-Engine, 2 EMS Transport units and 3 water/ice rescue vessels. 

Our History:

Fire protection in Washington Township was first organized with a bucket brigade in the Trilby area in 1919. At one time the Township was covered by three stations.

Our Services:

Fire Prevention and Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Special Operations (Technical Rescue). 

Click here for the Washington Twp. Opening Burning Law


HIPAA Statement:

Washington Township Fire Department understands that your personal information needs to be kept private.
We follow strict federal and state laws that require us to keep your personal health information confidential.

Mission Statement of the Washington Twp. Fire Dept.

As first responders to fires, medical emergencies, and disasters, WTFD protects the lives and property of our residents and visitors. The timely and effective delivery of these services enables the WTFD to make significant contributions to the safety of Washington Twp.

Core Values of Our Department


Our Department continues its unwavering call to bravely protect and serve our citizens. Bravery is the ability to overcome fear through training, fortitude, instinct, and compassion for others.


The enormous commitment necessary to perform our Department’s tasks requires excellence of character. A commitment to the objectives of our mission is an essential part of our code of conduct. The faithful observance of duty calls for us to fulfill our obligations professionally and honestly.


We inspire each other through pride in our Department and the fire service, and a belief that every action reflects on all the members of our Department, both past and present.


We strive to keep our firefighters and our residents safe and free from danger. With the best equipment and training, our department can reduce the risk of injury to our firefighters and provide resolution to our residents at fires, emergencies and medical incidents.


By combining all of the components of our core values, the WTFD will maintain its constant state of readiness to meet all threats and challenges, traditional and new.

“Station 72: Can Do!”

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